Baan Puri

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Baan Puri
Country: Thailand
City: Lipa Noi
Price: from USD 1,201++
Bedroom: 6
Sleeps: 12 - 17 *

The Villa

Baan Puri is a private, beachfront villa sanctuary with six ensuite bedrooms for families, parties or groups of up to 12, on Koh Samui's beautiful, west-coast beach of Lipa Noi, less than an hour's drive from the island's international airport. In this fully staffed luxury Koh Samui villa, traditional Thai-style pavilions are set in lush tropical gardens around a 30-metre infinity pool. Blessed with glorious sunsets and stunning panoramic views over the picturesque Five Islands group, this idyllic hideaway is customised to relax and recharge – with safe, shallow water bringing peace of mind to parents with young children.


Baan Puri is an absolute beachfront villa on Koh Samui's quietest beach, Lipa Noi. This Samui villa has views of the Gulf of Siam. It is just few minutes from Samui’s capital, Nathon (good for easy basic shopping) and less than half hour drive from Chaweng, a must for shopping, dining and nightlife. Lipa Noi is an enjoyable 50-minute drive from Koh Samui airport.

Places Of Interest

Nikki Beach Koh Samui
2.00 km

Nathon ( capital of Koh Samui)
6.00 km

Lamai Beach
15.00 km

Chaweng Beach and Shopping Cen
31.50 km

Samui International Airport
32.50 km

Quick Facts


Lipa Noi Beach, west coast, Koh Samui, Thailand.


12 adults plus 4 kids (6 bedrooms: 5 with king-size beds and 1 with twin beds convertible to king, 2 trundle beds for 4 kids).  An extra bed may be set up for an additional adult (extra charge applies).


Living and dining area with spacious lounge (indoor cinema), modern open kitchen with breakfast bar, indoor and outdoor dining areas, pool terrace with sun loungers, poolside-bar, lounge sala.


Length 29m x width 6m x depth 1.25 - 1.70m (children's zone  -  depth 60cm).


Villa manager, chef, housekeeping and service staff.  Additional staff such as nanny/babysitter, masseuse and driver are available upon request at extra charge.


A resident chef is skilled in preparing Thai and western dishes to be enjoyed in the indoor and outdoor dining areas, or as a candlelit dinner by the beach.  Guest requests are accommodated as far as possible, including special diets. Groceries are charged 20% handling fee which is subject to 7% government tax.


Complimentary WiFi in all areas, including the beach.  Complimentary mobile phone for guest use on local calls.


Indoor cinema, DVD player, Digital Music Library, Ipod, Sonos speaker, Bluetooth speakers, Android Box.


Baan Puri is extremely well equipped and located for families with children of all ages.  Activities include: kayaking, paddle boarding, football, beach volleyball and other games.  Amenities include: high-chairs, baby cots, baby bath, pool toys and beach toys.

The nearby Chai Talay Gym is available at a rate of THB 500 net/day per person. A special rate of USD 300 net per week for up to 4 persons is also available. The gym is open from 9 am to 7 pm and is strictly by appointment only (1-hour notice is required prior to your appointment).

Massages and a range of beauty treatments can be arranged by the villa staff and enjoyed in various locations in and around the villa.


Complimentary one-way airport pickup and dropoff. Car hire and taxi pick-ups can easily be arranged with your villa manager at small cost. Baan Puri is located at Lipa Noi beach which is 50 minutes from Samui International Airport and 40 minutes from the main tourist area of Chaweng.


Events for up to 40 guests can be arranged at Baan Puri with prior notice (event fee applies).


Massage; barbecue.


2,200sqm (land).


The Elite Havens Group.




King (5.9m x 5.2m)



King (5.9m x 5.2m)



King (5.9m x 5.2m)



King (5.9m x 5.2m)



King (5.9m x 5.2m)







Master bedroom preview
Master bedroom preview
Master bedroom with magnificent view
Master bedroom with magnificent view
Gorgeous master bedroom design
Gorgeous master bedroom design
Master bedroom setting
Master bedroom setting

Rates and Availability


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  • Early bird enjoys 10% discount when booking 120 days in advance.
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Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
15-Apr-2024  to  30-Jun-2024 1,529++ 1,453++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2024  to  31-Aug-2024 2,167++ 2,058++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2024  to  04-Oct-2024 1,572++ 1,493++ 2 nights
05-Oct-2024  to  13-Oct-2024 1,869++ 1,776++ 5 nights
14-Oct-2024  to  08-Dec-2024 1,572++ 1,493++ 2 nights
09-Dec-2024  to  15-Dec-2024 2,039++ 1,937++ 3 nights
16-Dec-2024  to  12-Jan-2025 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights
Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
13-Jan-2025  to  24-Jan-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 3 nights
25-Jan-2025  to  03-Feb-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 5 nights
04-Feb-2025  to  28-Feb-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 3 nights
01-Mar-2025  to  25-Mar-2025 1,869++ 1,682++ 2 nights
26-Mar-2025  to  11-Apr-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 3 nights
12-Apr-2025  to  22-Apr-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 5 nights
23-Apr-2025  to  30-Jun-2025 1,572++ 1,415++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2025  to  31-Aug-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2025  to  30-Sep-2025 1,572++ 1,415++ 2 nights
01-Oct-2025  to  07-Oct-2025 1,869++ 1,682++ 5 nights
08-Oct-2025  to  30-Nov-2025 1,572++ 1,415++ 2 nights
01-Dec-2025  to  18-Dec-2025 2,167++ 1,950++ 3 nights
19-Dec-2025  to  11-Jan-2026 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights
Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
15-Apr-2024  to  30-Jun-2024 1,450++ 1,378++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2024  to  31-Aug-2024 2,039++ 1,937++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2024  to  04-Oct-2024 1,450++ 1,378++ 2 nights
05-Oct-2024  to  13-Oct-2024 1,742++ 1,655++ 5 nights
14-Oct-2024  to  08-Dec-2024 1,450++ 1,378++ 2 nights
09-Dec-2024  to  15-Dec-2024 1,954++ 1,856++ 3 nights
16-Dec-2024  to  12-Jan-2025 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights
Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
13-Jan-2025  to  24-Jan-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 3 nights
25-Jan-2025  to  03-Feb-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 5 nights
04-Feb-2025  to  28-Feb-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 3 nights
01-Mar-2025  to  25-Mar-2025 1,742++ 1,568++ 2 nights
26-Mar-2025  to  11-Apr-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 3 nights
12-Apr-2025  to  22-Apr-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 5 nights
23-Apr-2025  to  30-Jun-2025 1,450++ 1,305++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2025  to  31-Aug-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2025  to  30-Sep-2025 1,450++ 1,305++ 2 nights
01-Oct-2025  to  07-Oct-2025 1,742++ 1,568++ 5 nights
08-Oct-2025  to  30-Nov-2025 1,450++ 1,305++ 2 nights
01-Dec-2025  to  18-Dec-2025 2,039++ 1,835++ 3 nights
19-Dec-2025  to  11-Jan-2026 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights
Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
15-Apr-2024  to  30-Jun-2024 1,201++ 1,140++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2024  to  31-Aug-2024 1,912++ 1,816++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2024  to  04-Oct-2024 1,201++ 1,140++ 2 nights
05-Oct-2024  to  13-Oct-2024 1,614++ 1,534++ 5 nights
14-Oct-2024  to  08-Dec-2024 1,201++ 1,140++ 2 nights
09-Dec-2024  to  15-Dec-2024 1,869++ 1,776++ 3 nights
16-Dec-2024  to  12-Jan-2025 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights
Period Price per night (USD) 7+ nights (USD) Min Stay Inclusions
13-Jan-2025  to  24-Jan-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 3 nights
25-Jan-2025  to  03-Feb-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 5 nights
04-Feb-2025  to  28-Feb-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 3 nights
01-Mar-2025  to  25-Mar-2025 1,614++ 1,453++ 2 nights
26-Mar-2025  to  11-Apr-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 3 nights
12-Apr-2025  to  22-Apr-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 5 nights
23-Apr-2025  to  30-Jun-2025 1,201++ 1,080++ 2 nights
01-Jul-2025  to  31-Aug-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 3 nights
01-Sep-2025  to  30-Sep-2025 1,201++ 1,080++ 2 nights
01-Oct-2025  to  07-Oct-2025 1,614++ 1,453++ 5 nights
08-Oct-2025  to  30-Nov-2025 1,201++ 1,080++ 2 nights
01-Dec-2025  to  18-Dec-2025 1,912++ 1,720++ 3 nights
19-Dec-2025  to  11-Jan-2026 2,974++ 2,974++ 7 nights